About us

Mr & Mrs D E & J A Spanswick-Smith have been the owners of Abbotsford and Glengariff Residential Care Homes, located in Moss Lane, Pinner since 1964. The homes have always been and continue to be family owned and run. The homes are run for the benefit of the residents, paying particular attention to the residents’ individual situation and subsequent needs.

The homes are well supported by a very stable, competent and well trained staff group, many of whom have worked at the homes for ten to twenty years with many suitably qualified under the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) care programme. The homes do not use any agency staff and we are confident that staff continuity and reliability really does benefit the health and social welfare of the residents at Moss Lane.

A number of residents are from the local area and enjoy the opportunity of maintaining valuable links with friends and family. We recognise that moving into a residential home can be a difficult time and we hope to assist residents as far as possible to continue to live a life similar to that which they did in their own home, but with the added security of 24 hour care and all that that can provide.

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